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Due to the lockdown restrictions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, the annual exhibition held by The Studio school was cancelled. Unwilling to let the current climate get the better of them, Event Horizon has partnered with the college in order to produce a unique and engaging method of exhibiting the artwork created by each student. This year’s exhibition was focussed around the subject of Dreams and you are able to explore the gallery, wandering around with the undead, listening to musicians who have also been affected by the lockdown, and shoot the artwork you most like. Yes, shoot the artwork and it will be delivered to your door with 70% of funds going to the artist, we aim to undercut as many gallery’s as possible in order to keep art thriving during the pandemic. Furthermore, the best artists will be taken on as freelancers who will work with Event Horizon to produce graphic art and adverts for outsider companies, giving them a leg up into the industry. If you would like to take part, please follow the upload links.

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